Luminous Eyes

by Haunt

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Grant Howard
Grant Howard thumbnail
Grant Howard Can't get enough of this EP. Perfectly channelled early 80s metal that doesn't sound like a pastiche or a parody. It just feels like you've stumbled on an amazing lost record from some forgotten band that supported Angel Witch in '82!
gremlinmachine thumbnail
gremlinmachine Old school dope ass heavy metal by Trevor William Church.

Gremlin Noise Machines supports your quest.

HAUNT is just a small glimpse into the higher realms of shred and songwriting he is ultimately capable of unleashing.

Check out Beastmaker also for doom inspired riffage. Favorite track: No Master.
Benjamin Homberger
Benjamin Homberger thumbnail
Benjamin Homberger Haunt the Beast with Luminous Eyes! Great Trev! Favorite track: Luminous Eyes.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote Excellent medieval style metal ! Sounds like some of those awesome private label releases in the early eighties.
Bronson Wilson
Bronson Wilson thumbnail
Bronson Wilson If you don't know Trevor William Church, the man is easily one of the most talented and awesome musicians you'll ever meet. This project is easily the best thing to come out in a long time. His other band, Beastmaker, is just absolutely insanely awesome as well. Stop reading this and support a great musician, and get yourself some dope tunes!
Arne thumbnail
Arne Good traditonal Heavy Metal! Recommended!
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released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Haunt Fresno, California

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Track Name: Luminous Eyes
Drifted across the land a beggar for her gift.
Ignited the sky just from one kiss.
Blowing in with the wind a vagabond I stand.
Luminous Eyes she's waiting for me again.
When I need to find my way to her.
Feel her in my mind I dream of you.
She's calling out for me I'm on my way.
The trail I've left behind I'm living for today.
Look in your eyes illuminates the night.
Wear no disguise. Your heart is one with mine.
Washed up upon the shore a beggar for her love.
Extinguish my fire just from one touch.
Swept out within the tide a wanderer I am.
Moon shining bright I'm feeling her love again.
Track Name: As Fire Burns
Stare at the crimson sky as lightning strikes.
Won't fear the war ahead. It's time to fight.
Vanquish my enemy that's what I'll do.
Wielding the blade I forged to run you through.
No more will I forgive betrayal. I can't go back that ship has sailed. To win this fight. To break their mold. To conquer all I see. The roar of thunders telling me it's my destiny.
Burning the village down. This axe I swing. The wall once held me back now feels the sting.
My battles raging on as fire burns.
Won't sleep until I've won. For this I've earned.
Track Name: No Master
Belonging to the master upon a hill she cries.
Her eyes opened just after.
Her dreams have surely died.
A victim of his anger. His fist act out as words. Left her laying naked. He'd taken what was hers.
He makes you want to kill now that you are not sleeping. He makes you want to drain his blood.
It is the time to slice his throat and leave him empty. He made you want to take your life.
Fall down to your knees and look up at the sky.
Can't believe this happened. Wish it had been a lie.
Shake this broken promise and leave it in the dirt. He ripped apart your heart and the scar will always hurt.
To take your life.
Track Name: Fallen Star
Voices in my mind tell me to climb this mountain.
Though I've come to find the highest elevation.
No words are left behind for they need to be spoken.
Look toward the rising sun and feel that you are chosen.
Tonight I saw her fallen from the stars. She's falling from the stars.
She burns for me no matter where we are. Don't matter where we are.
Voices in my head tell me I'm self destructing.
Inside I'm in control my glory I've constructed.
No guilt and no regret my pride can not be broken.
The higher up I climb I feel my lungs are choking.